Rental Properties:

Client satisfaction is Groupe Engitec’s top priority. By utilising our vast network of strategic partners such as brokers, lawyers, accountants, and notaries, Groupe Engitec is able to attract qualified and reliable tenants. We take the initiative to select tenants who compliment the caliber of the property under management.

We assume the responsibility of performing every aspect of due diligence in the form of background checks for financial viability and obtaining references from former landlords, to ensure the reliability of prospective tenants. In addition, our engineering division’s experience in construction and renovation provides property owners with the advantage of in-house guidance and professional advice specific to structural improvements made to their properties.

Groupe Engitec offers a full range of services specifically designated for rental properties:


  • Property visibility
  • Advertising & promotion
    • Management of social media, website, and communications
  • Solicitation of tenants
  • Showcasing of rental units

Financial Management:

  • Rent collection & deposits
  • Cash receipts
  • Cash disbursement
  • General ledger & trial balance
  • Investment of the reserve fund
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Detailed expense and budget reports
  • Payroll
  • Revenues
  • Staff hiring and management
  • Inventory management

Any past due accounts are promptly followed up on, and in the case where payment is not received, Groupe Engitec takes the necessary measures to protect its clients investment and recover any amounts due. Our professional team will also keep track of leases up for renewal in order to ensure that the highest quality tenants are maintained.

Tenant Relations:

  • Maintaining positive rapport with tenants
  • 27/7 availability
  • Lease management & renewals
  • Lease negotiations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Immediate response to tenant issues
  • Liaison Regie de Lodgement (rental board)
  • Tenant hotline

Our experienced property managers are there to respond promptly to any complaint or concern. The managers have a strict protocol to follow to ensure any issues are resolved after the complaint has been received and analysed. In the event of an emergency, property managers are available 24/7. The property managers are trained to find competent and qualified staff that can provide superior service at competitive prices for our clients.

Maintenance of property:

  • Maintenance of green space
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Garbage removal
  • Maintenance of building exterior and surfaces
  • Coordination of contractors and subcontractors
  • Preventative maintenance
    • Regular inspections
  • Custodial staff
    • Regular cleaning
  • Purchasing of supplies

In the event that there are major repairs, construction or renovations to be done, the supervision and management of all projects are led by Groupe Engitec’s qualified professionals. Our engineering background grants us the ability to deal with professionals, contractors, and subcontractors at a professional level while managing to control the costs for our clients. Our experience has enabled us to complete superior quality projects on time and on budget.

Our qualified property managers inspect the property on a regular basis. For any corrective measures, Groupe Engitec has the experience and expertise to take the proper course of action with the client’s best value in mind. Our firm’s managers have designed customized preventative maintenance programs for each of our clients. From years of experience, Groupe Engitec has found that these preventative maintenance programs decrease the need for future repairs. Saves costs and allows us to provide greater efficiencies in the management process.

Cost Control:

  • Dedication team of tradespeople
  • Industry expertise
  • Efficiencies of scale
  • High volume purchasing

Groupe Engitec’s growth in recent years has provided the advantage to negotiate important discounts and budgets with subcontractors and suppliers. The volume of business done with our suppliers has helped considerably lower the costs of repair, maintenance and overall operating costs. Combined with our engineering expertise, Groupe Engitec is able to give clients the best value on any work to be done, ensuring that any project results in increasing revenues.